Jagua Powder Mixing Kit

Henna Boy Jagua Powder Mixing Kit.

Our Jagua powder is 100% pure Genipa Americana powder.

Suitable for mixing into a gel or adding to henna for hengua (jagua-henna blends).

Each kit makes approximately 2oz/60ml of gel.

Kit Contents

2 x 4g Jagua Powder Pouch
2 x 0.5g Xantham Gum Pouches
2ml of Lavender Essential Oil
Essential Oil measuring pipette
Piping Bag
4 x Empty Applicator Cones
1 x pair of gloves
Mixing Instructions.

Equipment you will require which is not supplied.

2 x non-metalic mixing bowls

Tropical Reactions

Persons that are allergic to tropical fruits should not use products containing jagua which includes henna jagua blends.

jagua stain

Jagua Powder Mixing Kit

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