Baheda Powder Baheda Powder

Baheda Powder

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Baheda Powder for hair



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Baheda is a natural fruit grown in India. 

Ground into a powder it is naturally green in colour and suitable for both skin and hair treatments.

It is an antioxidant being rich in Vitamin A and essential fatty acids. This makes an excellent skin toner.

For hair treatments, it contains a yellow dye which works well with Henna and Indigo producing a stronger red wine colouring.

Reduces copper colouring of henna and indigo for a slightly deeper colouring. Works very well with Henna Boy Extra red for those wishing to get a deeper and as much red as possible look.

Our recommended amount is 50g to every 100g of henna powder although this can vary depending on your current hair colouring and condition.

In Ayurveda, Baheda is used to stimulate hair growth and reduce the brittleness of the hair. Creates strength and shine. 

On light and blond hair types, Baheda will dye the hair a stronger golden hue.

Sold in 100g sealed pouches. 100% natural.


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