Henna Boy LTD is IOSS registered.

This means that we send all shipments to the EU from the UK with all customs DUTY and VAT paid for.

The customer is therefore not responsible or liable for incurring extra fees for DUTY & VAT by their country's customs services before they are able to receive their package.

Shipping times due to advanced notification of our IOSS registration is therefore quicker and there should be no delay by customs departments in the recipient country to determine the DUTY & VAT applicable.

Please note that this is only applicable for orders up to €150 in one shipment. If your order is going to be larger than this then please contact us for assistance or split the order into two orders to keep the total value of your order below €150.

ALL orders over €150 will require further customs clearance paperwork and will involve further clearance, DUTY & VAT costs for the buyer.