Jagua Juice

Henna Boy Jagua Juice.

Derived from the Jagua fruit, native to the Amazon rainforest, this natural and organic juice is perfect for creating beautiful, authentic-looking tattoos and designs. With its deep blue-black hue, Jagua juice can be used with henna to make henna/jagua tones or with xanthan gum to produce a gel. Both will produce mesmerizing results that are bound to leave a lasting impression.

Available in the following sizes

30ml / 1oz
60ml / 2oz
90ml / 3oz (supplied in 100ml bottle)
120ml / 4oz
240ml / 8oz (supplied in 250ml bottle)
480ml / 16oz (supplied in a 500ml bottle)
1 liter

Suitable for mixing into henna powder for Hengua (jagua and henna) mixes or for making into a gel.

Suitable for freezing to remain fresh.

Jagua is not suitable for anyone that suffers from tropical or citrus fruit allergies.

jagua stain

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