Multani Mitti Powder Multani Mitti Powder

Multani Mitti Powder

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Use as a hair conditioner or mix and use as a face pack!



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Multani Mitti Powder.

Multani Mitti Powder - Fullers Earth.

This white powder is produced from clay which has great cleansing properties for both the skin and hair.

The cleansing of the hair strips any impurities and residue left from chemical hair dye products leaving your hair in excellent condition for using natural hair dyes. The cleaner your hair is the more of natural dyes your hair can absorb resulting in a much better colour.

It can be used as a dry shampoo if your short on time. Leaving in your hair for 10 minutes and then brushing out will remove dirt and grease from your hair.

It is great for split end treatments.


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