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Coriander Seeds

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Coriander Seeds

Flavoursome seeds which are best dry roasted in a pan to get the best flavour.

Their warm aroma will fill even the biggest kitchen and can be used whole or ground as a cooking ingredient or in the creation of masalas.

The seeds give a warm aromatic slightly citrus flavour to dishes which is different from the fresh leaf.

Coriander has the unique capability to stimulate digestion without aggravating pitta, and is an effective spice to help compensate for enzyme dysfunctions. Coriander is also a mild antiseptic, often used during pregnancy for its gentle nature.

CorianderCoriandrum sativum
R: astringent Vr: bitter Vp: pungent/heating/sweetBladder, skin
PKV sharp, light, dryUses: cysts, urethral infection, vomiting, indigestion
Channels: annavaha, pranavaha, mutravahaPart used: dry fruit, fresh leaves
Tissues: rasa, rakta, mamsaDosage: 1 gram per day
Actions: antiseptic, stimulant, diureticPrecautions: high vata
Special actions: balances pittaModern precautions: none
Used for prakrti: PK
Used for Vikrti: PKV

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