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Whole Nutmeg

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A popular and widespread spice for cooking.

It has a warm, spicy aroma and flavouring. 

Use to flavour winter and root vegetables and is best used grated as required.

Combine with a bit of butter to add over the top of fresh steamed vegetables to add an aromatic flavouring.

Nutmeg can also be used as a digestive regulator, though should be avoided if there is intestinal inflammation. Combines well with ginger root and cardamom for increasing absorption of nutrients.

NutmegMrystica fragfrans
R: pungent, bitter Vr: heating Vp: pungentSmall intestine, colon
VK-P+ heavy, oily, sharpUses: poor digestion, nervous disorders, insomnia
Channels: annavaha, majjavaha, sukravahaPart used: seed or oil of seed
Tissues: rasa, mamsa, majja, sukraDosage: 250-500mg in water or milk 2 or 3 times a day, for oil not more than 15 drops externally
Actions: astringent, sedative, analgesicPrecautions: high pitta, large doses are toxic
Special actions: sedativeModern precautions: do not use during pregnancy
Used for prakrti: VK
Used for Vikrti: VKP

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