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Smoked Paprika

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Paprika is an aromatic, warming spice, which predominantly contributes its unique pungency and colour to anything containing it. 

This smoked paprika is versatile spice which can be used in a variety of ways.

Add to cheese for a smoked flavouring. Combine with honey and glaze meat for a smokey BBQ type flavour.

Or use with beans and pulses at the beginning of a dish and they will soak up all that smokey flavour.

In ayurvedic tradition, it pacifies kapha and vata and increases pitta. Paprika, like cayenne pepper, improves circulation and contains antioxidants. Blends well with coriander, fennel and turmeric. During cooking, it is best to add paprika close to the end of cooking as it can turn brown if left in hot water or oil, and does not need long to infuse its aroma into a dish. This paprika is smoked, with a unique palette when compared to other paprika as well as a very vivid red colour.


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