About us

Henna Boy has been providing henna and natural hair products for over 20 years.

We specialize in henna and all items related to henna body art & henna for hair. 

All our hair products are the same quality as body art products we do not differ in the quality of henna ensuring that the hair dye result is the best possible.

Our henna kits come made up with 100% fresh henna powder and dry mixing ingredients so that you get the best results from your henna each and every time you use it.

If you have never mixed henna before you can take advantage of our pre-mix service. This is where Henna Boy mixes the henna and places it in a henna cone. We then post it to you next day guaranteed delivery so that it reaches you fresh. Unlike pre-mix tubes that you can purchase from elsewhere our henna is mixed fresh and does not contain any additives.

Henna Boy's reputation in supplying with good high-quality henna is proven and trusted today by our customer loyalty and also in our supply chain across the UK, Europe, and the World. We supply to some of the best henna artists in the UK, Kiran Sahib, Henna Visa to name two who use our henna powder for her bridal mehndi. 

Wholesale we cover Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand supplying to Organic Shops and Suppliers ensuring that the Henna Boy quality is available. If you cannot yet get Henna Boy Ltd Henna and other powder(s) and supplies then please contact us.

Our henna is proudly sourced from suppliers who run their own farms in India, Pakistan, Morocco, Egypt and Yemen. We have worked with the majority of our suppliers for nearly 20 years. Ensuring that you are getting henna from reliable sources. We work closely with our suppliers and some of them have introduced standards such as lab testing at our request producing a higher industry standard.

The henna-boy website is operated by its owner Mark Foster a henna artist known worldwide for his diversity in the henna art being able to offer anything from complex bridal patterns through to modern-day tattoo styles. Mark has two books currently available in E-Book format to download showcasing some of his more popular tribal and dragon styles.

This website employs e-commerce software for online shopping. This software has been fully security audited by a 3rd party company and is PCI Compliant Level 2. All data-sensitive areas of the e-commerce system are in a secure 256bit SSL certified environment. Ensuring that your details are secure at all times. Henna Boy hires secure private servers to operate from.

For further information on the software and the e-commerce system please refer to our privacy policy.

For all inquiries please visit the contact us page for detailed information on where to contact Henna Boy.

Henna Boy Ltd is a company registered in England & Wales 5731431. VAT registration number: 116227343