Henna Boy Ltd is committed to its customers and the privacy of their information stored with us*
We do not take part in the sale of email or telephone numbers.
All accounts are stored in an SSL-protected area which cannot be accessed without the appropriate password. It is vital that the customer does not choose something that is obvious such as a pet name, date of birth, or a password such as 1234
Henna Boy Ltd does not store credit/debit card details all payment processing is completed by 3rd party companies.
Order Information, Communication and Dialogue
All order information, and communication either by telephone, email, or through a payment provider used to purchase through Henna Boy Ltd is confidential and cannot be reproduced in any form without the expressed authorization of a company director of Henna Boy Ltd.
Any reproduction or misrepresentation of Henna Boy Ltd without authorization may result in legal action being taken against the person.
Cookies and EU cookie legislation
Whilst using our website you will create either as a guest or when you log in as a member of the website create a Category 1 session cookie. This cookie does not require us to ask for your permission to store it on your computer. 

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*In order to protect our business and the business of other selected sellers in the case of any fraud, dispute, or misconduct by a customer Henna Boy Ltd reserves the right to pass on brief information to selected suppliers in the same industry. This information will not include any other details other than a first initial and surname. No personal details, address, email, or other information will be supplied. This is done in order to restrict fraud and customer misconduct and is done in order to protect the industry that Henna Boy Ltd is a part of.


Henna Boy operates its website adhering to GDPR law and regulations. All customers are able to access their account and within that account request for information and for this information to be deleted at any time. Guest accounts will need to request the information or request for it to be deleted by contact Henna Boy Ltd through the website.