Membership & Loyalty Points

Last revision November 2023

Henna Boy Ltd membership program.

Terms & Conditions.

Membership plans are virtual and no physical card will be dispatched to the customer. After processing by a member of staff, the plan is linked to the customer's online account.

Limited to one per customer cannot be shared, transferred, resold, or stacked in multiples.

Each plan is non-refundable after its initial use. 

The purchase of multiple plans is not available. 

Membership plans automatically adjust the total of your order at the checkout before payment and do not alter the price of products listed on the website. 

A membership plan needs to be purchased and the order processed by a member of staff before it can be used. We process orders Monday - Friday and may also activate membership plans over weekends.

Membership plans are applicable to every order and have no minimum value order requirement. Can be used with loyalty points and can be used with other special offers that may be available.

Cannot be purchased or used as a guest. Purchase requires an account at Henna Boy Ltd for the applicable discount to be applied to an order.

Loyalty Points formally known as Reward Points

Henna Boy Ltd offers an exclusive customer loyalty scheme by offering loyalty points on every order. For each order paid in full loyalty points will be applied to your account which can be redeemed during the checkout process against your next order. Loyalty points can only be used against the Sub-Total of the order and do not discount shipping costs. Loyalty points are also gained from the Sub-Total and loyalty points are not gained from taxes if applicable or shipping costs.

The process from July 2020 for using Loyalty points has changed from the previous method. The customer is now requested to create a voucher from their current balance of loyalty points. This voucher is then used against the sub-total of the order.

If the voucher is currently higher in value then another voucher will be automatically created with the remaining balance for use against the next order. This will continue until the voucher is used in full.

Loyalty points now ONLY last 365 days.

Terms and conditions

Loyalty points are non-transferable, and cannot be purchased individually or resold.

Loyalty points are valued at a rate of 10p for every £1 spent at only. Gained from the Sub-Total of the order and are gained after payment has been made.

Loyalty points are deducted from the sub-total only. Shipping where applicable will still have to be paid for.

Must be applied by the customer during the shopping cart process and is not available for guest checkout customers. An account with Henna Boy is required to collect and use loyalty points and turn them into vouchers to use during the checkout process.

Can be used with a membership plan and on any other special offers.

Memberships are non-refundable, non-transferable and your account is not allowed to be used by other persons in order to take advantage of either/or loyalty points and membership