Terms and conditions

Revised: 12th September 2023

Each order placed online at this website agrees to the terms and conditions set out below. The customer also agrees to the privacy policy and delivery information as detailed on the website.

Henna Boy Ltd supplies high-quality products. All our products are used daily by ourselves so that we know you are getting a tried and tested product.

Dispatched orders are usually sent within 7 days by Royal Mail Monday to Friday and exclude Saturdays - depending on circumstances it can take longer to ship your item, therefore, we reserve the right to deliver your item within 14 days. If you require the item urgently you are advised to leave a notification on the order. If ordering overseas you should take into account that no tracking information is given or available UNLESS you select the international signed for service. Please refer to our delivery information page for full details of the delivery times and policy.

Incorrect Shipping Address

If you have inputted or selected an incorrect shipping address then NO refund and/or replacement will be dispatched UNLESS the original items are returned or a replacement ordered. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the shipping address is correct.

Henna Boy Ltd operates a labeling system that automatically prints the label from the inputted shipping details. NO address is manually inputted.

If you need to change your address on the system you will need to add a new address first and then make this the default address before you can delete an old address.

There are plenty of opportunities to double and triple-check the address before making payment and you customers can also double-check this on the order receipt.

Contacting Henna Boy Ltd AFTER an order has been shipped stating the address is incorrect is the customer's liability and Henna Boy Ltd is not liable for you not receiving the goods.

In instances where the incorrect address has been inputted and the goods not received nor returned the customer is fully responsible for the loss and Henna Boy will not ship or replace the goods unless re-ordered with the correct address. 

Non Receipt of your order.

If you do not receive an item please respect that we will have to investigate first and then if proven to have gone missing send a replacement.

The easiest way to get a replacement for your order is to draft a letter of nonreceipt and get your local post office, where you would collect an item should you not be in to receive it,  to stamp the letter. Scan and email the letter to [email protected] and we will be able to ship a replacement.

Claims for missing items and refund requests will be declined if received 45 days after shipment unless written evidence can be provided by Royal Mail or the international postal service that the item has been lost whilst in their care. In which case we may insist that the funds be recovered by the customer from the postal service and not Henna Boy Ltd.

It is our policy to issue a replacement before any refund is given this includes if you have purchased from another seller and no longer require the goods. This includes any chargebacks or disputes with card payments and/or Paypal payments. All disputes will refer back to these terms and conditions of sale stating that yourself the customer has agreed upon purchase that if the item has been lost or not delivered then you agree to a replacement being dispatched.

Late receipt of your order will not qualify for a refund of the postage cost. Whilst Henna Boy Ltd aims to ship your order within 24-48hrs Monday - Friday we rely on the postal service Royal Mail or courier service UPS to deliver in a timely manner. Any delays either the domestic UK or International is not the fault of Henna Boy Ltd and we will not issue refunds for the postage costs due to any such issue.

Information regarding your order placed with Henna Boy Ltd

All orders are final. If you are not satisfied with your purchase it should be returned as soon as you have received it. Or within 10 days. Un-opened and at your own cost. Henna Boy Ltd will not pay for the shipping of goods back to us. Once the item has been returned you will be issued a refund for the cost of the item minus our shipping costs.

Henna Boy reserves the right to not issue a refund if the goods come back used or get damaged in transit. Henna Boy will issue the refund if applicable within 48 hours and this will appear back in your account usually within 10 days. This excludes if you have been sent the wrong product/item by mistake. In some cases, a restocking fee of between 4% and 40% plus our original postage will be deducted from any refund given.

If the customer is in any doubt about how to mix the products should contact Henna Boy Ltd for assistance. Henna Boy Ltd is not liable to refund or replace goods that have been mixed following any other recipe given by third parties and we only guarantee our products when mixed by the methods we state on our website.

System errors or incorrect pricing of products. Henna Boy Ltd will in all cases of system errors or products incorrectly priced not send any goods and refund any money paid back to the customer. In such instances of incorrect pricing, Henna Boy does not honor any such orders nor are we legally required to sell the product at the stated price at the time of purchase.

Payment Disputes

Henna Boy will at all times attempt to resolve any issue the customer may have before any payment dispute is placed. However, if a dispute is made and then the goods are received either by the arrival of the original order or an agreed replacement then if the payment is not released and made available to Henna Boy Ltd within 48hours then we reserve the right to take action to recover the funds.

All goods remain the property of Henna Boy Ltd unless paid for.

If action is required to recover funds then this will incur extra costs in the way of an administration fee of £25+vat plus the full cost of the goods plus the shipping costs which excludes any discount offered either by reward points, membership schemes or any other discounts. If required this may be taken to the small claims or similar court for recovery. All fees incurred will be added to the cost of the goods plus shipping.

Black Henna

Henna Boy does NOT supply black henna. There is no such thing as natural black henna it is henna with chemicals added to alter the colour. Black henna is dangerous to the skin and therefore we will not supply or provide information on where to obtain it. All our products contain natural henna powder which will dye the skin brown. It is also suitable for use on the hair. Our black hair dye product contains two natural powders. Henna powder and Indigo powder it is not a chemical all in one solution for your hair. Please note that this is not body art Indigo which is a different product.

The products we supply.

Henna Boy Ltd supplies natural products. Containing no chemical, metals or salts. We cannot account for every hair condition* and/or previous treatments** applied to your hair with other natural products or chemical-based products not supplied by ourselves. Therefore ALL sales are made on the basis that a client if they have hair that has ever been treated either naturally or chemically, has done a strand or sample test before full application and Henna Boy Ltd its staff and owners bear no liability for any reaction or mis-coloring caused by previous treatments.

All our products are tested on virgin untreated hair. Henna Boy Ltd is not liable for any refunds or compensation from miscoloring of your hair if you do not follow the instructions supplied by Henna Boy Ltd, follow the instructions supplied by a 3rd party or apply the products without strand/sample testing first.

* Conditions include but are not limited to dandruff, dry hair, greasy hair.

** Treatments include but are not limited to bleach, chemical dyes, lice treatments, products purchased from any other companies.

Purchases of our products are for the sole intended use of the buyer. Wholesale customers and trading companies/individuals should contact us by email with your requirements and intended use of our products to ensure they are providing the correct information to their customers. We reserve the right to refuse supply to any company and trading individual.

Lost items by postal services

Please refer to our delivery information. Henna Boy Ltd reserves the right to send replacements rather than refunds for missing/lost items. 

Distance Selling Laws & Purchase of downloadable E-Books

By accepting the terms and conditions at the time of purchase when purchasing an e-book for download you hereby waive your rights to a refund under the Distance Selling Regulations (Consumer Contracts) a part of the Sale of Goods Act 1979.

The waiver of your rights to a refund is agreed on the basis that the e-book cannot be returned.

All other products are subject to the cooling off period of 7 days and subject to the returns policy as detailed in these terms and conditions.

Paypal Payments

Due to Paypal introducing a policy of fees being non-refundable unfortunately at Henna Boy Ltd we have had to pass this onto the customer.

Therefore, all Paypal payments are subject to the fees being non-refundable. As the customer, if you are not happy with this decision please use an alternative payment method.

Additional Terms of Sale for Wholesale Customers.

An order is classified as wholesale by Henna Boy Ltd when either £150 or over before shipping is spent by the customer or 10KG in product weight.

Wholesale customers once the order is signed for and received it is declared the property of the customer. Any problem with the order requires 48-hour notification otherwise the order will be determined delivered in full and no returns, refunds or exchanges accepted.

Wholesale is considered business to business and therefore exempt for Distance Selling Regulations also known as Consumer Contracts.

Henna Boy Ltd is not in any way liable for refunds, returns or exchanges for products where the product is re-sold by a customer of Henna Boy Ltd.

Wholesale products which are accepted for return are subject to an 8% re-stocking fee in all cases plus all shipping fees involved from the supplier to Henna Boy Ltd and all carriage forward.

Documentation will be emailed to the wholesale customer to ensure delivery of required documentation if the wholesale customer is based within the EU or UK. Outside of the EU and UK where documentation is required for customs purposes this will be advised to the delivery courier for customs. Henna Boy is not liable for any delay, charges or fees imposed by the arriving countries customs office or tax office.


To return your product please contact us first by email and then return to:

Henna Boy Ltd, c/o Parade Stores, 5 Beach Road, Perranporth. Cornwall. TR6 0JL

Guest purchases should return it with their order number clearly shown on a document. We may be unable to process any refund unless clear details are supplied.

Proof of return postage does not constitute as receipt of the goods. If in doubt you should return the item by recorded or special delivery. Return postage has to be paid by yourself and only in cases where a mistake/incorrect product has been sent your account will be credited points to cover the cost.

Returns are not accepted after 21 days.

If you need to raise a concern about your order, the status of your order or to request a refund/return an item please visit our contact page where you can use one of the many options available to get in touch. We recommend that you use the contact form as this is the quickest and most reliable method of communication. Please be respectful when contacting a member of staff even by email. Any offensive or rude emails may result in your account being terminated with or without prior warning.

Use of the name Henna Boy Ltd, its starman logo, leaf logo, and box design is prohibited. The name Henna Boy, starman image and leaf image are registered trademarks belonging to the company Henna Boy Ltd. Unauthorized use of the name Henna Boy, starman image, leaf image, and box design without permission will result in action being taken.

Return Policy for Henna Cones, Jagua Gel, Henna Paste

These are time-sensitive products. Each product is tested to ensure quality and therefore we do not accept returns for any of these products.

3rd Parties

Henna Boy Ltd terms and conditions are to the customer only. If the customer is a re-seller/wholesaler then Henna Boy Ltd does not extend its terms and conditions beyond the customer that has made the purchase. All resales are the responsibility of the person/business reselling the product and Henna Boy is not liable nor responsible for claims or refunds made by their customers.