Rhubarb Powder

rhubarb powder

Welcome to Henna Boy's extensive collection of natural and holistic products! Our category of Rhubarb Root Powder is specifically curated for those seeking an organic and sustainable alternative hair dye.

Rhubarb Root Powder, derived from the finest quality rhubarb root, is renowned for its abundant medicinal properties and has been used for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic practices. We take immense pride in offering you this versatile product that can be incorporated into your natural hair dye.

Our Rhubarb Root Powder is an excellent addition to your skincare and haircare regimen. When mixed with water or other natural ingredients, it forms a rejuvenating paste that can be applied topically. Its natural astringent properties make it an ideal ingredient for face masks, helping to tighten pores and improve overall complexion.

For the hair, it can be used as a scalp treatment to nourish hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth and adding shine to your locks. When used in combination with Cassia Powder its combined yellow dye content gives a lush golden glow to those that already have grey, white, or blond hair colours.

At Henna Boy, we prioritize your health and satisfaction. Hence, we source our Rhubarb Root Powder from reliable and trusted suppliers who adhere to sustainable farming practices. This ensures that you receive a premium quality product that is free from any artificial additives, pesticides, or harmful chemicals.

Shop with confidence at Henna Boy, where nature meets innovation!

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