Soap Nuts

Seedless Organic Soap Nuts / Berries A natural method to wash your clothes! The shell contains a naturally forming soap called Saponin which is an organic alternative to conventional synthetic laundry liquids and powders. Simply add 4 pieces to a half load or 6 pieces (8 if your clothes are very dirty) for a full load of washing in a bag and place in with your washing. Certified organic by Ecocert, USDA, and India Organic. The soap nuts are also hypoallergenic so kind to the skin, vegan, and compostable. Say goodbye to SLS, Palm Oil, Phosphates and chemical synthetic detergents and say hello to washing your clothes naturally. Soap nuts can be reused several times before they start to degrade and disintegrate. Then it is time to replace them with a fresh batch. As a nutshell they compost in your home compost. Farmed by community farming and 100% cruelty free.

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