Hengua - Henna and Jagua Paste & Cones

A mix of our 5x sifted henna powder mixed with liquid jagua.

Available in the following blends;

20% - Henna powder mixed with water with 20% liquid jagua.

50% - Henna powder mixed with water with 50% liquid jagua.

100% - Henna powder mixed solely with liquid jagua.

These blends will each colour the skin in a different colour. More jagua will give a much darker colouring. 

20% will give a slightly darker purple/maroon hue to henna.
50% will give a dark maroon hue to henna.
100% will produce a very dark colouring that will look almost black.

Colours stated above are for hands and feet and can vary from person to person and area of the body just like henna.

Only 100% pure jagua powder is used to make the liquid jagua. No other ingredients are added to our hengua cones.

Price guide. 

The cones and paste increase in price the higher percentage of liquid jagua and we do a minimum of 5 cones per blend. Single cones are not available if you wish a single cone you can purchase the jagua powder and henna powder separately.

Tropical Reactions

Persons that are allergic to tropical fruits should not use products containing jagua which includes henna jagua blends.

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