Henna Boy Red Henna 2021 Crop

Red Henna Powder

We have a lot of requests for RED HENNA. 2021 crop.

RED HENNA is henna. 100% natural henna (but how come it goes different colours?)

A lot of people advertise red henna by showing the palms with patterns on it. The heat of the palms actually makes the henna stay the reddish colour that you see. If you apply exactly the same henna on a different part of the body or even on the other side of the hand it will turn brown!!

Red Henna for hair. You can get a reddish colour on your hair by using straight 100% natural henna.

If you have very dark or black hair just using henna will dye your hair with a red glow to it - When you walk under a light or in the sunshine your hair will look like it has a red tint to it. Absolutely lovely!!

If you have light hair or any white or grey hair then you need to be careful. This type of hair may go more orange than red. Therefore you should use henna with indigo. See our Natural Brunette section and choose reddish brown as your colour option.

2.88% lawsone.

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