Ayurveda Massage Oils

Henna Boy Ltd offers a series of ayurvedic oils for massage. Mahanrayana, Kottamchukkadi, Pinda, Trifala, Ashwanganda.

These oils offer a variety of different uses for joint pain, muscle pain and for balance in the three dosha's. For detailed information on the oils and its ingredients please click on the product your interested in. Brief information about these oils is detailed below:

Mahanrayana - Reduces Vata. Eases joint pain and stiff muscles. Beneficial after exercise to relax the joints and muscles.

Kottamchukkadi - A massage oil effective for massage treatment for people suffering from arthritis, inflammation, stiffness and joint pain.

PInda - Beneficial for pitta. This is a cooling massage oil that reduces heat and inflammation, Helps prevent excessive exfoliation of the skin and is particularly effective on burns and blisters by reducing the heat. Helps with joint pain and muscle pain.

Ashwanganda - This is a massage oil that relaxes the joints and muscles helping release tension. Effective straight after exercise to help the joints and muscles to relax and promotes rejuvination. High in mineral and calcium content it is best used warm.

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