Freshly Mixed Bulk Henna Paste

Henna Paste

The paste contains the finest essential oils of which you can select which you would like in your paste. All oils are carefully selected and skin safe. If an oil is not chosen Lavender will be used.

The paste should be stored in the freezer until it is required.

Henna Paste Product Options

The options you have for this product is which henna powder, oil, and mixing solution.

Indian Raj Henna Powder - This henna powder is stringy and therefore suitable for creating fine lines work.

Organic Henna Powder - This henna powder is creamier and has little string. Suitable for swirls and rounded work.

Sojat Henna Powder - Being from a different part of Rajasthan makes this henna also stringy but slightly less than the Raj we stock.

Lemon juice or water? Lemon juice is usually the mixing solution for henna. The acidity helps break down the henna promoting better dye release. However, if you have a citrus allergy then we also offer to mix with water. Additional products such as rose water are not required as they do nothing for the henna paste or colouring.

Sugar. We offer the option to add sugar to your henna paste. You should take into consideration how quickly the henna paste you have used previously dries. If it is drying very quickly then sugar is an option to keep the paste on the skin for longer. 

We make possible all these options as a henna paste recipe in one country might not be suitable for use in another country. Also how one artist prefers their henna paste is different to another's.

Cannot decide? If no options are selected the paste will be mixed with Indian Raj Henna, Lemon Juice, Sugar and Lavender or Cajeput essential oil.

If in doubt email before purchase!

Shipping Options

Due to the time sensitivity of this product, it is advised that you select NEXT DAY delivery for this item.

We can ship out of the UK, however, this is at your own risk. 

You are required to test the henna paste for dye release. Henna powders often take different times for full dye release so it is possible when you receive the product that the henna is still not ready. Customers should, therefore, test for dye release to ensure it is ready for use.

Please note the following important shipping information.

Orders need to be placed before 12noon to be processed the same day. Orders placed on a Friday will require the Saturday Next Day delivery option if you wish it delivered Saturday. If this is not selected then the order will be shipped on Monday for delivery on Tuesday.

Freshly Mixed Bulk Henna Paste

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