Henna Body Art Products

henna body art bridal mehndi

Our Henna body art products are ideal for Bridal Mehndi.


Henna Powder. Premium henna body art powders from the primary henna-growing countries of the world. Certified organic, guaranteed colour, and up to 9 x sifted for bridal mehndi.

Lab-tested for dye strength and purity each henna body art powder gives a guaranteed colour with deep tones making our henna exceptionally popular for bridal mehndi art and henna body art in general.  

Henna Body Art Kits.  Various sizes from beginners to professional studio kits.

Henna Cones. Guaranteed colour henna cones. Our premixed henna cones are made with the finest henna body art powder and essential oils with several options for you to choose from.

Henna Cone Kits. Not sure which type of henna cones and henna body art powder to try? Grab a henna cone kit which comes in different sizes with varied options. Guaranteed colour henna cones with the highest quality henna powder.

Bulk Mixed Henna Paste. For the artist that wishes to fill their own applicator or for those expecting a busy weekend or event. Our bulk premixed paste is available in different sizes, and different mixes and comes sealed in a large carrot bag making it easy to fill cones or bottles.

Empty Henna Cones. Pre-rolled ready to fill and available in different tip sizes and different size packs.

Essential Oils. We stock high-quality essential oils which contain all the specific qualities for getting the best colour from henna.  Essential oils contain specific ingredients that assist when mixing the henna powder in getting the greatest dye release possible. In return, the colouring of the skin is much deeper. Only specific essential oils are suitable for mixing into henna and we have done extensive research into providing the best oils. Available in 10ml bottles and larger.

Dextrose Used in mixing henna paste to make the paste stickier and to stop the paste when applied to the skin from drying too quickly resulting in less cracking and a deeper and darker colouring.

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