Henna Sealant and Micropore Tape

Henna sealant products are used to prolong the time that fresh henna paste is in contact with the skin.

An essential part of Henna Body Art which results in a much darker and deeper colouring of the henna design.

A must have for any serious henna body artist.

Henna Sealant Spray is a specially formulated lemon-sugar solution which is sprayed lightly onto the henna design before it is completely dry. This then makes the henna moist again and the stickiness of the spray prevents cracking and keeps the paste in place on the skin. This promotes further dye absorption on the skin resulting in a deeper and darker stain.

Micropore Tape is medicinal tape used when the henna is dry enough to be covered. The tape is porous so to avoid any sweating and smudging of the henna design but serves to keep the paste from completely drying for a prolonged period of time resulting in a much deeper and darker stain. The tape is ideal for bridal work where the hands and feet are decorated so that the bride can still move and keep the henna paste in place.

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