Jagua Powder

Henna Boy Jagua Powder.

Our Jagua powder is 100% pure Genipa Americana powder.

Supplied direct from South America ensuring the product is "Always Fresh" the jagua powder has been Dermatological, Microbiological, and Hypoallergenic laboratory analyzed and tested with Organic and Vegan certification pending.

Suitable for mixing into a gel or adding to henna for hengua (jagua-henna blends) the powder is sold in heat-sealed 10g pouches for freshness.

Also available Jagua Powder Mix Kit. Includes Jagua Powder, Essential Oil and measuring Pippete, Xantham Gum.

For hengua (Jagua-henna mixes) please click on the category hengua or click here.

Tropical Reactions

Persons that are allergic to tropical fruits should not use products containing jagua which includes henna jagua blends.


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