Henna Hair Dye Products

A range of natural hair dye colours 100% free from anything artificial.

No Peroxide
No Ammonia
No Peg Chemicals
No Oxides or metals

Just 100% pure plant powders.

Our hair dye range is suitable for all hair types including eyebrows and beards. Can cover grey/white hair

Colours available are;

Natural Red Henna - Just Henna Powder for that original henna look.
Reddish Brown - A combination of Henna Powder and Indigo Powder. This has a higher percentage of Henna to Indigo making sure that the colouring is vibrant and rich.
Brown - Equal amounts of Henna Powder and Indigo Powder produce this rich warm brunette colouring.
Dark Brown - The larger ratio of Indigo Powder to Henna Powder produces this darker brunette colouring. 
Black - A true black colouring and it does not get any darker than this! Combine henna and indigo in a two dye process to go full black without any chemicals.

Cool Brunette - Go brown, dark brown or black without any red undertones from Henna Powder with the addition of Amla powder.

Copper Red - A blend of Henna Powder and Cassia Powder brings a vibrant copper-red colouring for those lighter hair types.
Strawberry Blond - We reduce the amount of Henna Powder and increase the amount of Cassia Powder to produce a strawberry colouring for those with blond and light hair types.
Super Blond - A combination of Indian Rhubarb and Cassia Powder giving a much richer blond gloss colouring for light hair.

Extra Red - A specially formulated red extract which increases the red colouring from henna on the hair. Produced as a liquid it is added to henna powder at the time of mixing to get a stronger vibrant red.

See our recipe page for mixing ideas...see what you can naturally do to your hair today!

Not sure how much you will require?

100g Short hair between 1inch up to pixie cut length.
200g Bob length - bottom of the ear length hair.
300g Shoulder length hair.
400g Lower shoulder blade - mid-back length hair.

As a natural product, all powders can be stored out of direct sunlight until required. Or once mixed can be frozen until required.

Henna Hair Dye Products

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100g Sojat Henna

Sojat Henna

Price From £5.15

5x sifted premium Sojat henna. The heart of the henna world in India!

5x sifted premium Sojat henna. The heart of the henna world in India!